Linkables Dog Toy by Premier Pet Products

Linkables, treat-dispensing dog toys by Premier Pet Products, are pretty fun, and not just for Toby.

We had a blast watching him throw it in the air in a failed attempt to get the treats out from the inside. It was even funnier when he did finally get a treat out, because he would look at it with disbelief.

I’m always worried about Toby’s mental health. I don’t want him to be bored. So, when we had opportunity to pick a product to review from Premier’s line, these seems like the perfect fit.

There are a lot of dog toys similar to these on the market — you put a treat inside the the toy and the dog has to work to get the toy out. But, what makes Linkables different is exactly what it the name reflects.

You can use the toys separately…

 Or, you can link the toys together to give your pup even more of a challenge.

The only negative thing we found with the toy, was something they warn of right on their site, and can happen with any toy. After he got all the treats out, Toby wanted to start chewing the actual toy, so we had to take it away from him. You can see his chew marks in the picture below before we took it away from him.

If your dog isn’t a chewer like Toby you should be fine.

You can find more information about all of Premier’s lines of pet products on their website, and you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

11 thoughts on “Linkables Dog Toy by Premier Pet Products

  1. West does the same to them. He doesn't do this to the Busy Buddy toys, just the linkables and anything of "lower quality" like dollar store toys, etc. He will play nicely with them until they are empty, so I just give them at a time when I can be around to remove them afterwards. Archie chews on them, but doesn't rip pieces off like West (and Toby). When I'm not around, West gets kongs or purple Busy Buddy toys.

  2. It is too bad they aren't more durable as they look like super fun toys. Kind of like the new Kong Geniuses only smaller so the kibble doesn't fall out right away. I guess the idea is to interact with your dog while he plays, just in case the inedible becomes the edible.

    Great review!

  3. Thanks guys for the nice comments! I just want to clarify, I think product is good, and is durable for most dogs. Toby just chews through everything, including a black Kong. I haven't found one toy he hasn't done this to, so don't judge Linkables durability just by Toby. They are actually very solid.

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