Best April Fool’s Pranks – The Pet Edition

I can’t believe how many April Fool’s pranks I’ve seen today dealing with pets!

The one that really had me questioning whether it was true or not was from Embrace Pet Insurance. It was a press release that read, “Not Your Grandma’s Lapdog. The Great Chihuahua turns heads and steals hearts across US.” Since at 12 pounds, Toby is not your typical, put-in-your-purse Chihuahua, it really did take me a minute to figure out if this was a joke or not.

But, the accompanying release, also by Embrace was one of my favorites – Embrace Pet Insurance Swims Upstream To Add Goldfish Coverage to Its Product Range. I specifically enjoyed Laura Bennett, Embrace co-founder’s, quote, “Goldfish might seem to be one dimensional and unfeeling pets to the uninitiated, but underneath their scaly exterior, they really have a heart of gold.” Just too cute!

One of our other favorites is from the PETCO Scoop Blog, where they announce a new, iShell Turtle Shell Covers, will be available in stores soon. The picture is absolutely adorable. I sent the story to my aunt, who said she actually liked the idea and thought they would sell. (I kinda agree)

The April Fool’s product that we wish were real comes from KONG. How great would it be to watch Toby play with this?! It would be in the center of my living room in seconds. KONG, won’t you please reconsider, and make this real? 🙂

What was your favorite April Fool’s prank today?

4 thoughts on “Best April Fool’s Pranks – The Pet Edition

  1. Thank you for sharing our fun today! And I'm glad you liked my goldfish insurance article from last year too. I'm rather fond of my goldfish mortality table 🙂

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