Buckle-Down Dog Collars and Dog Leashes

When it comes to Buckle-Down dog collars and dog leashes, we really could start and stop this post with just one question — How rocking are these?!

Unlike many of the brands we came in contact with at the Global Pet Expo, Buckle-Down is a human fashion accessory company, who told us moving into the dog business was just a natural progression, especially after Eric Swope, the COO of Buckle-Down rescued to pitbulls.

Their designs range from rocker to hipster and everything in between.

“A lot of people are designing for pets, we are desiging for the pet owner,” Ross Labelson, CEO of Buckle-Down told My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much. 

The designs are not only stylish, my personal favorite was the “Born to Raise Hell” one that Toby is wearing in the picture above, but the seat belt buckle is practical for those of us who have dogs who seem to get out of every collar we put on them. The fact you have to press down on the buckle to release it, gives it added safety.

Check out Buckle-Down on Facebook, and to see their full line of products, visit their website.

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  1. Dog collars are very important for our dogs.this collar is very nice, but as an opinion there is something missing, or maybe we don't see. I hope that when you open the bone box from the collar some personal data will be there, in case the dog gets lost. 🙂

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