See Disneynature’s “African Cats” and Help “Save the Savanna”

Disneynature is teaming up with the African Wildlife Foundation to help “Save the Savanna” during the premiere of their newest film, “African Cats.”

Opening on Earth Day, April 22, “African Cats,” is a real-life story, narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, that follows a lion cub who is learning the ropes from her mother, a fearless cheetah and single mom of five mischievous newborns, as well as Fang, a leader of the pack who must defend his family from a rival lion and his sons. Think “Lion King,” but for real.

Check out the trailer below, and if you’re like me you will immediately be in love! What was even more impressive to me, was watching how they filmed it and listening to the directors talk about the making of the movie. Can you imagine how cool (and scary) it must have been to be sitting behind the camera while a wild cheetah is running full-speed at you?

During the film’s opening week, April 22-28, a portion of the proceeds from that week’s ticket sales will be donated to the AWF through the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund to protect the Amboseli Wildlife Corridor — a passage between the Amboseli, Tsavo West and Chyulu Hills National Parks that is frequently used by lions, cheetahs and other animals in the African savanna.

If you purchase tickets through Disney Tickets Together and invite friends, Disneynature will double its donation. All you have to do is create a “African Cats” events in Tickets Together, and they will increase the donation to the “Save the Savanna” fund for every “Yes” RSVP that the events receive.

The new app, which allows people to purchase movie tickets to their local theater without leaving Facebook, launches the week of April 18.

You can also, “like” Disneynature on Facebook, pledge to see the movie on Eventful for a chance to win fun prizes and join the mission to help protect Africa’s wildlife by joining “African Cats” on Causes and contribute to directly the AWF.

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7 thoughts on “See Disneynature’s “African Cats” and Help “Save the Savanna”

  1. This looks really good. I love the big cats, especially the cheetah! Actually, I'm fascinated by all of Africa's creatures. The most beautiful in the world, in my opinion. Thanks for sharing, and for visiting us! Happy weekend to you!

  2. I love how Disney helps out organizations with their eco-movies. I'm a little apprehensive about watching most of these movies because I know many of the stories aren't all real (they're a few animals mixed up to make one story), but they're still beautiful and adorable!

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