Spring Is Here! … Sorta

Spring is here (!) which means weekends will soon be filled with kayaking, early morning walks through Lake George Village and bonfires at night. But, looking out our window onto a mostly snow-covered lawn, you wouldn’t know it. Please snow, would you just melt already? 

For the first time since New Years Day, we’ve been able to see some, and I really mean some, grass. That coupled with the warm sunshine beating down on us, I took Toby outside and let him run around for a little while. Of course, sticking to the grassy part wasn’t fun, so he had to run through the snow.  (And, get very dirty – check back tomorrow for a shampoo product review…)

At first I yelled at him because he kept getting stuck in it since it’s more slushy than icy, but after seeing what a good time he was having, I finally gave in threw his Kong into the snow instead of the grassy area. Well, as you can see from the picture below, he was having a ball.

What did you do with your pup today?

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5 thoughts on “Spring Is Here! … Sorta

  1. Woooos…you still have snow, so lucky!!! You look so cute and having so much fun! We love Lake George, NY! Our #1 favorite place to visit – we call it our home-away-from-home when we get the chance to go away! Beautiful town, beautiful people, beautiful pets! Happy Saturday!

  2. Knock on wood, we're done with snow this year, though I did have to be out in some flurries yesterday.

    Hmm… what did I do with my dog today? We napped together on the couch. Which doesn't sound very exciting, but he loves it when I'm home and free to do that with him!

  3. It's so nice to see some signs of Spring! As the days gets nicer, my back door becomes more of a revolving door with the dogs going in and out and in and out.

    Enjoy the snow while you can Toby!

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