Oh, Squirrels!

I have two bird feeders in my backyard attached to a poll, and someone asked me this morning if I get hummingbirds coming to them. I explained how I’m really mixed with filling them, because there are so many cats around that I feel as if I’m just delivering the birds on a silver platter for them. Plus, the squirrels keep chewing right through the feeders.

They told me to get one of those spinning things. I was totally confused while they were explaining it to me, so they told me to Google it. Oh, my gosh. We were hysterical laughing. Although I also felt really bad for these poor squirrels, too.

This particular video, however I really enjoyed because you have to watch the two birds on the ground. They’re just looking at the squirrel completely entertained. I would love to know what they were thinking!


3 thoughts on “Oh, Squirrels!

  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

    That poor squirrel must have been holding on for dear life, thinking it would never steal from a bird feeder again. Great video! 😀

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