Pedigree Kicks Off #EveryDogDeserves Food Drive; Nominate a Shelter to Win $$$$

To celebrate the launch of Pedigree’s new food formula, the company is launching a new “Every Dog Deserves” social media campaign where your tweets and Facebook activity will directly help feed dogs.

Chelsea Kane and Pedigree kick off the “Every Dog Deserves” campaign.

Throughout the month of June, share on their Facebook wall, or on Twitter using the hash tag #everydogdeserves, and tell them why “Every Dog Deserves” the very best.

For each Like, comment, @reply, re-tweet, photo upload, etc. directed at Pedigree they will donate one pound of food (up to 100,000 pounds total).

 Awesome, right? It get’s even better.

Pedigree has also offered to donate $1,000 to a shelter nominated by My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much’s readers! So, between now and Friday, June 10, leave a comment on this post or on our Facebook wall nominating a shelter and telling us why they should be selected. We’ll pick one of the nominated shelters and announce the winner on Saturday.

4 thoughts on “Pedigree Kicks Off #EveryDogDeserves Food Drive; Nominate a Shelter to Win $$$$

  1. On June 1, devastating tornadoes hit 5 miles from my house in MA. Second Chance Animal Shelter in E. Brookfield, MA has been delivering pet supplies to families displaced by the storm. They could really use the $1000 donation to continue helping our neighbors while we rebuild!

  2. 11th Hour Animal Rescue in Rockaway, NJ, is awesome. They bring dogs up from the south and foster them with local folks. They bring up pretty much any breed, but lots of hounds and other hunting dogs that are popular in the south. They always need financing for their good work.

  3. I'm going to post this on your Facebook wall too, but I nominate Sedalia Animal Shelter in Sedalia, Mo. I volunteered with them for two years, and rural shelters face incredible challenges, both in terms of funding and attitudes about companion animals. Not to mention Sedalia was hit by an F2 tornado in late May, which destroyed businesses and homes and displaced both people and animals …

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