Human Separation Anxiety

It hasn’t even been three full days and I’m going through Toby withdrawal. He is at my house with my Dad (and my dead car) while I Amtraked it back to Manhattan for the work week.
You don’t realize what a difference coming home to a wagging tail attached to a fur covered ball of energy so excited to see you, jumping on you and licking your face can do for a not so great day.
When was the last time you experienced doggie withdrawal?

6 thoughts on “Human Separation Anxiety

  1. I'm experiencing pre-dog-withdrawal, which basically occurs at least 1 month in advance of a planned vacation. I become like a leech, which I'm sure is very annoying to Claire, because I smother her with even more affection than usual until the day I leave for vacation. 😉

  2. I can so relate. When I decided to close my business and go back to the corporate world I really suffered from withdrawl. I used to walk my dogs for 2 hours every morning at the dog park. Now I am lucky to get in an hour. I used to see them a good amount of my day, not I am separated from them 9 hours a day. It's hard. I never thought I would miss them as much as I do. Those wagging tails and happy faces sure do make your day brighter!

  3. Oh my goodness,
    I experience it every time I leave the house to go to work in the morning. I hate saying goodbye to him and I think it is more traumatic for me than him. Coming home to see his sweet face and tail wagging so hard is one of the best feelings in the world.

  4. I had dog withdrawal when I went on a business trip out to St. Louis in May. I was gone for about 5 days and called and got updates on Riley from my mom and dad who were watching her! I even had them e-mail me pictures! It was bad!! So I totally understand where you're coming from!!

    Elyse (and Riley)

  5. When our house flooded we sent Hunter to stay with Grandma for two weeks (our son was with him too) and Scout was at the kennel for two weeks. We didn't know WHAT to do with ourselves without any of our boys for two very long weeks.

  6. Happens to me every time we go somwehere! I do feel it a bit during the workday, but if I'm gone for a weekend… it's terrible! Life's just not right unless the pup is around.

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