A Spoiled Weekend

If Toby could talk, I think even he would admit he was insanely spoiled this weekend. Yes, more than his normal amount.

He woke me up at 6 a.m. Saturday to go out and we pretty much played and was together from then until we went to sleep. While cleaning, I came across a toy I bought for him a while back, which I pulled the tags off of and threw for him. This went on for hours — even while I was eating breakfast.

He had to have all this toys in one spot for some reason.

Speaking of breakfast, our pals at Cesar Canine Cuisine sent us some samples of their new Sunrise breakfast  and regular dinner flavors, so Toby got an extra special treat at mealtime. But, who needs mealtime when you have a mom who keeps giving you treats all day, because she feels that she’s always working? 🙂

He got blue Dog Bakery treats, some of the bulk treats I bought from Petco on our little July 4th weekend road trip, sucked down frozen banana slices, chewed on a Greenies …. and that was before my aunt showed up.

It was my grandfather’s 94th birthday. So, my aunt and uncle were over for the weekend and every time she comes, she always brings toys or treats for Toby. This time, she brought both. But, that’s not the only reason he loves her — she was there when I saw Toby for the first time and held him as well. So, he’s known her for just as long as he’s known me.

He was certainly one really happy puppy this weekend, but because he was in constant motion, he never slept a wink. When 11 p.m. rolled around last night, this is how I found the puppy —

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