Toby’s First Tow Truck Ride

Toby gets to do a lot things that I consider a fun experience for a pup, but this was one I really wasn’t planning on — his first tow truck ride.

We were driving back home when the oil light went on in my car, and thankfully it was right as we were approaching a rest area. We pulled off and sure enough there was smoke coming from the hood of my car and when we opened it, there was oil everywhere. Thank goodness for being close to the rest area and for AAA.

I like to think I’m somewhat prepared for various situations that could arise when traveling with a dog. This one, however, I was not. AAA seemed not to be worried on the phone when I told them I had a dog with me, but I was still a little worried. Toby is usually good with people, but sometimes there are people — especially men — who he just does not like at all no matter what.

When the tow truck driver came, he asked how big the dog was.I said 12 pounds, and his response, was, “oh, no problem.” I thought to myself, well at least he doesn’t hate dogs. Toby barked like crazy while they were putting the car on the truck, but as soon as we got into the truck he was a perfect gentleman. Although I think I might have a few nail marks in my shoulder, because he was digging his paws into them.

The driver and I started talking about dogs, and it ended up he has a 180 pound female English mastiff! No wonder why he said no problem when I said Toby was 12 pounds.

It took about 30 minutes for the driver to get to the rest area, which served as another reminder of why I wouldn’t trade owning a dog for all the money in the world. There was some wacky people stopping there, especially since it was 1 a.m. Although I’d like to think my time as a street reporter have made me pretty savvy and confident that I can handle a variety of situations, having Toby with me was an extreme comfort.

I knew if someone came near me, Toby would not let anything happen. And, it’s the reason why I’m glad he does start carrying on at times and is not a roll-over-and-play-with-anyone kind of dog. One of the reasons I wanted a dog was for safety, and it’s why I originally wanted a “big dog,” but Toby — even at 12 pounds — does a great job.

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7 thoughts on “Toby’s First Tow Truck Ride

  1. My sympathies re: the car trouble! I suspect its a very good thing Toby is a small dog. Our big barkers would probably not be too welcome in a tow truck!

  2. Scary – being at a rest stop at 1 in the morning. Good thing Toby was on duty….

    Stopping by on the pet blogger hop – I especially liked your "Must Resist Puppy" post – I volunteer at the Etowah Valley Humane Society and the puppies are the toughest to leave behind every night when I shut the door…to go home to my own three dogs and cat.

    Go to Pet-peeves.org to see the very best cat band/cat lady video ever. It's destined to become a viral hit and you'll be one of the first to see it!

    Happy Caterday from Chairman Meow and his minions (the pups).

  3. Sounds like quite an adventure. The kind that can leave you feeling helpless, but I'm glad Toby was there to protect you. Happy Blog Hop Saturday!

  4. That could have been a bit scary-glad the tow truck got there in a reasonable time. You're lucky you were allowed to take Toby in the truck with you. We had to be towed last year and our two bigger dogs (even though Sage was still a puppy) had to ride in the car on top of the truck bed.

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