Being Too Good

Since Friday night, Toby has been a complete mush dog. He’s typically a cuddly type of pup to begin with, but he’s been stuck to my side most of the past day and he keeps getting as close as he can when he’s near me.

He’s also being incredibly good. Almost too good — he’s listening, hasn’t been barking, playing with just his Kongs…  My first concern was something was wrong, but he’s playing, jumping and acting like a puppy in that way.

Here’s my theories:

1. He knows BlogPaws is only a couple days away, and he heard me talking to someone the other day about how worried I was about how he would act. I was giving a second thought to bringing him with me, and wants to make sure he’s coming. 

2. I’ve been working a lot and he just wants to spend more time with me.

3. He knows I haven’t been feeling good and he’s just trying to comfort me.

4. He did something really, really, really, really bad and I just haven’t found it yet.

Has your pet ever acted just a little too, good?

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