BlogPaws, Hurricane Irene and Catching Up

What a great time so far at BlogPaws! This has been one of the craziest trips, but also a really fun one. 

Hurricane Irene has put an interesting spin on things. All the Amtrak trains for Sunday, when I’m scheduled to depart, are cancelled and because service is limited today, I’m stuck here till Monday.

Does having to pay for another night at the hotel and then trying to figure out what to do about work on Monday, stink? Yes. But, it also means Sunday I will get to hang out with other people who are stuck and who I love to be around and learn from, but never get to see often.

We’ll have a hurricane party. 🙂

Here are some photo from BlogPaws so far, and I’ll be posting more later. Hope you’re having a great Saturday and if you’re on the East Coast stay safe while Hurricane Irene passes through.

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