A Day in the Life of Toby

Although I made it home from BlogPaws, the mass transit system was still a mess this morning because of Hurricane Irene, and after waiting for a bus for almost two hours I finally just emailed my boss and asked if I could work remotely.

Since it was approaching the time I would normally have to be in Manhattan, it made so much more sense to just go home and start working.

Well, Toby, was apparently already in his normal routine at my Dad’s…..

When he’s downstairs eating breakfast or close by, my Dad leaves the front door leading to the front porch slightly open.

This allows Toby to be able to go in and out to the porch as he wants. In the morning, the sun hits the porch perfectly and one of Toby’s favorite things is soaking up the rays.

He locks the front porch door, so no one can get in and only does it when he’s around.

Can you say spoiled pup? I was very impressed with the life of luxury Toby lives during the day when I’m not around.

No wonder he wasn’t a fan of doggie day care — he has it pretty good. Oh, and one or two little begs gets Toby a spot in my Dad’s arms while he’s working on the computer.

Hmmm, maybe this is why I’m having so behavioral issues with Toby?

He can sit in the sun ….  or ….
Sit on my Adirondack chair.

Toby also gets to do his second most favorite thing — be nosy and watch everyone in the neighborhood.

What does your dog do while you’re at work?

5 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Toby

  1. TOBY!! You is so cute and I lust luvs what you gets to do while your momma is at work. I work with my momma so I gets her to play with me, feed me, and gives me belly rubs when I so desire. I hope your momma enjoyed her working from home and blogpaws too. Momma is sorry she didn't gets to meet her in person there this year, will she go next year?


  2. So glad you made it home OK…and I'm SO sorry we didn't get to chat! We left early 🙁

    Looks like Toby had fun even though he didn't get to attend…he's a lucky pup!

  3. what a wonderful father you have to watch Toby during the day for you…Toby looks as happy as can be!

    Cody and Dakota are lucky because I am unemployed and do freelance work from home. Don't know what they would do if I had to leave every day. Cody is my sidekick in my office!

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