Dog Thefts on the Rise

This report from WCBS in New York has me completely freaked out — dog thefts are on the rise and they are warning people not to leave their pets unattended, even for a minute.

Dave Carlin reports: 

Toby and I travel a lot, and sometimes I have no choice but to leave him in the car while I run into a rest area, because dogs are not allowed inside. It also brings up even more suspicion about the “Street Pets” I see outside my job and wrote about last week, because they mention people selling the pets out of cars on the street.

With BlogPaws just around the corner, any tips for keeping our pets safe while driving solo to the conference?

2 thoughts on “Dog Thefts on the Rise

  1. You can put "needs meds" on your dog tag. If people find a dog with this, they usually won't keep it because they assume it would inconvenient and expensive.

  2. Oh dear, I do hope her Yorkie is returned to her… how horrible. I NEVER tie up Cosmo outside or leave him in the yard alone. Traveling by car is tough, but I do keep Cosmo in a kennel so it's harder to spot him in the car.

    Can't wait to see your both next week!
    Diane and Cosmo

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