Let’s Eat! Or Not ….

A while back I posted a photo and wrote on our Facebook page that Toby was doing this weird thing where all of a sudden he wasn’t eating from his regular stainless steel dish. I got a number of good suggestions that I didn’t think of as to why this could be happening.

So here’s a little update. He was good with eating off a flat dish for a while, but now, he will only eat off of this:

Yes, a paper towel. Now if you know Toby, he LOVES paper towels. He loves to shred, rip and tear them apart. Oh, and did I mention, he has to eat in the kitchen on the runner? He won’t eat anywhere else in the house but there, which is also in the middle of where everyone has to walk.

But, and a really big but… if I put wet food on top of his kibble he will devour it in whatever kind of container, dish or plate it’s in. Personally, I still think it’s an attention thing, because he didn’t start doing this until I started my new job and was away from him for a longer amount of time.

Where does your dog or cat eat and what do they eat out or off of?

7 thoughts on “Let’s Eat! Or Not ….

  1. Woof! Woof! Interesting … I recently got new food/water bowls n took me a while before I got used to it. I hope Toby just tears the paper towel n not eat it.Funny about being on the "runner" Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    FYI: I cohost a weekly Tasty Tuesday Blog Hop. This post qualifies to be on our Hop. Hope you join n add this post this coming Tuesday. Information of the Tasty Tuesday is on my blog. Golden Woofs

  2. What food is Toby on? (just out of curiosity)

    Our guys generally eat wherever we do. JD from stainless steel bowl, Jasmine usually from a glass bowl (because I mostly hand-feed her; we both enjoy it better that way)

    Jasmine is quite picky about her food but not picky at all about where and what she eats it from (though my hand is the favorite). It is me who insist on safe bowls.

    JD is not picky about anything. You could throw rocks into an old tarp and he'd probably eat it too.

    With Toby I would think it would be most likely the food itself or the attention as you mentioned.

  3. Does Toby get more attention by eating this way? Or could his change of habit be an expression of anxiety due to your and his change in schedule?

  4. That is interesting, I have never heard of anything like this. Could the stainless steel be bothering him? But you said he will eat out of it with wet on top? I wonder why.

    I have the kitchen baby gated so that Dakota and Cody can eat separately.

    They both will eat anything out of any bowl. Cody will only drink water out of Dakota's bowl though. He doesn't like his own no matter what bowl I use.

  5. Tucker prefers to eat off a paper plate. It started a few years ago … after we'd been on a trip where I'd fed he and Phoebe off paper plates so I wouldn't have to wash bowls. It's kind of odd, but I just go with it!

  6. Oh let's see.. They both eat just outside of the kitchen against opposite walls. We did have a few times that Roxi did something similar to this. Whenever we moved she did this. When I started a job where she couldn't be the office dog she did this and when we first got Charlie she did this. *sigh* lil drama queen lol

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