‘One Day. 10,000 Bowls’ Campaign From P&G Pet Care

P&G Pet Care’s 4th Annual Paws for a Cause Shelter Makeover is taking place today at the  Humane Society of Greater Dayton where company employees will spend the day painting, landscaping, adding agility equipment for the community dog park, adding climbing areas and perches for cats and even adding cabinets for “pocket pets.”

To celebrate, P&G has created a ‘One Day. 10,000 Bowls’ campaign to held feed shelter animals. They will be posting photos on the following Facebook pages and for every comment and like on those pictures, they will donate 1 bowl of food to the Humane Society of Greater Dayton, up to 10,000 bowls:

The campaign is also going on over at twitter where they are donating one bowl to @HSDayton (Humane Society of Greater Dayton) up to 10,000 bowls for each tweet that mentions one or all of these accounts — @Eukanuba @Iams @InnovaPet — and uses the hashtag #ShelterMakeOver: 

Here is what we tweeted this morning:
Today only! Use #ShelterMakeover & mention @Iams @Eukanuba or @InnovaPet & 1 bowl food donated to @HSDayton Pls RT

Let’s get some homeless animals fed!

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