Petfinder’s Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week: Meet Red

If I worked from home, I would immediately go meet this dog. Why? Because this line in his description killed me: “He was left in the care of nannies most of the time who basically crated and neglected him.”

As a result of the neglect, Red has become more fearful, anxious and reactive to humans. How sad is that? This handsome 3-year-old, 55-pound Labradoodle, needs someone who has time to work with him to get over his fears.

His current situation is not his fault: “He was always a bit shy and fearful and really needed the kind of time, attention and socialization his family were not prepared to provide for a puppy.”

Can you imagine getting welcomed into a family to only be crated and ignored the whole time?

Learn more about Red on his Petfinder’s profile, and check out the full gallery of pets who are considered less adoptable.

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