Remembering Sept.12 – Sept. 10

I know I’m deviating a bit from my regularly scheduled posts, but since I share so much of my life on here anyway, I thought it was important to post this here, too in addition to my professional website. We’ll be back to regular posts later today.

People across the country gathered both in person and online yesterday to mark the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11, and remind people that we’ll ‘never forget.’

I’d prefer to ‘never forget’ on the other 364 days of the year, because well, I can’t.

Everyday going through the tunnel on my way to work in Manhattan, I get just a little anxious when the train stops for an extended period of time while we’re underwater.

Every time I walk into Newark Liberty International Airport, to catch a flight there is a sinking feeling in the pit of stomach knowing some of the terrorists who carried out the attacks walked those same hallways.

When I drive past any of the hotels where they reportedly stayed, I wonder if those rooms are still in service, because you couldn’t pay me to sleep there.

The sight of a bomb-sniffing dog along with three or four heavily armed military personnel, instead of the normal one or two walking through Penn Station makes me wonder, ‘is there something going on? Is there a new threat, or do they have intelligence they’re not sharing with the public yet?’

I spent yesterday at my house in upstate New York, where while people knew what day it was, it didn’t bring it to a halt. The kids across the street were playing ball, the local restaurant had a 45 minute wait and cars continued to race up and down the main road during an annual show.

Ironically, it was the one day I wasn’t constantly reminded of that game-changing day, until I looked at Twitter.

I started to get into the tweeting and #wherewereyou hashtag, and then I just stopped in mid-tweet, because I saw a bunch of #neverforget ones, and it made me sick to my stomach.

Of course we’ll #neverforget, especially those of us still working or living in and around New York City, because we’re reminded at least once everyday.

3 thoughts on “Remembering Sept.12 – Sept. 10

  1. I understand the feeling. Everytime I ride the train in NY, I get the feeling that something could happen. I will never forget the day either.

  2. Well said. In DC, I find that I can never quite forget either. Every time I pass the Pentagon or see the security and blocked off areas that have been in place since then, it's hard not to remember.

    Honestly, when we had the earthquake, I know so many here whose first thought was terrorism. For all that the West Coasters made fun of people's reactions to the quake, I don't think that they understand how that fear frames things here.

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