From Zero to Ferocious in 10 Seconds

I always worry about whether or not Toby could really protect me if I were, God-forbid in a bad situation. But, he continuously proves that despite his deceivingly small size, he’s a really good watch dog.

Well, as long as the person don’t have a Kong, or a treat or a piece of hard roll. Or, decides to play with him.

When the guy came to look at my furnace yesterday I originally locked him in my bedroom, figuring he would go hang out under the covers.

Not so much.

Instead it sounded like I was killing him. So, before someone called the local ASPCA on me, I figured I better come up with a different solution.

At first I was just holding him, which is where his actions made me say the title of this blog post. He was barking, growling and wiggling everywhere.

As soon as I yelled at him he would turn his head and lick my nose. This went on for about 5 minutes. It was very funny, but also not practical.

Finally, I decided to block the hallway with a gate. It solved the wiggling, but not the barking. Ding, ding, ding! Three words solved everything — Want your Kong?

I stuffed it with a little low-fat peanut butter and the food he hadn’t finished eating from the morning, and, ta-da, a very quiet, well-behaved dog.

Thank goodness for Kong!

What does your dog, or cat, do when a repair person, is in the house?

Oh, and P.S. – we still have no heat. So, I’ve been wrapping Toby in tons of blankets to make sure he’s warm enough since it’s chilly here in the Adirondacks.It’s made for some cute photo, which I plan to share for Wordless Wednesday. 🙂  

6 thoughts on “From Zero to Ferocious in 10 Seconds

  1. Ugh, the no heat thing is ridiculous! I have heat, but no insulation due to ceiling repairs, so I'm getting the same effect!! I sooo want to meet Toby, by the way. I think he needs to go to BlogPaws or BarkWorld next year 🙂

  2. I love how protective they are, but HATE it when they are making sounds like we're personally hurting them when separating them from a stranger. I stepped out of my house to talk to someone and thought both my dogs were going to dive straight through the bedroom window to get to me. I need to keep more goodie-filled kongs on hand. 😉

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  3. They all get brave when it's called for, do'nt they?

    Out guys generally accept anybody who enters the proper way = through the front door and greeted by one of us. Just sometimes there is a person they don't like; but with Jasmine, if she doesn't like anybody, there is a good reason for it.

    When people are "sneaking" around the back yard, though, that is another story all together. LOL

  4. Sam loves repairmen… he sits by them and watches what they are doing so he can do it next time! All the repairmen that have come over think he's very funny. As for being ferocious and protection – when we are out walking at 5 a.m. they'll growl and bark at anyone that comes close to us – if anyone is out at all.

    Sam and Pippen

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