Lets Go Bananas!

The other night during dinner I commented that Toby was way too quiet while we were eating. He usually sits at my feet waiting for something to drop, begging to get picked up or at least lies on the rug in the kitchen and stares up at me trying to do some type of jedi mind-game to get me to give him something.

But, this particular night, he was nowhere in sight.

I should have gone in the other room and looked for him, but I needed to eat fast so I could jump on the computer and run an online chat for work. I figured, ‘how much trouble could he get into?’

Apparently, the answer was a lot.

When I went inside to get my computer a little while later, I was greeted with banana peel — all over the floor.

Somehow, Toby went into my bag, grabbed the banana I had in there from the morning, peeled it and ate the whole thing! (Including part of the peel) That’s a lot of banana for a little dog.

Has your pet ever stole something out of your bag?

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5 thoughts on “Lets Go Bananas!

  1. Whoa! That is a lot of banana! The most surprising thing Cosmo stole out of my bag was a single-sized serving of Oatmeal (the dry kind in a packet where you add water). He shredded the packet and at the oatmeal… thankfully no adverse affects!

  2. LOL no one has stolen anything out of my bag as of yet but I suppose that is only because I keep it up away from them because Fred cant be trusted always 🙂

  3. Stopping by from Weekend Wander. My dog is notorious for finding food in our bags. However, she stays away from fruits and vegetables–a girl's gotta have her standards! 😀

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