One Cold Chihuahua & Favorite Links From the Week

Berrrrr! It’s cold! And, I’m not talking about the temperature outside.

Last weekend we all thought it was a little cold in my house, so I raised the thermostat. Saturday morning, my friend’s boyfriend commented how Toby was shivering while we were at the store. I still didn’t think much of it, because sometimes Toby does that.

I did notice my furnace kept running, but again, didn’t think much of it. I told my Dad about it and when he came up late, late last night, he even said it was cold in here. Finally at 3 a.m. we determined the furnace was continuously running, but that it was just moving air and no heat was actually coming out of it.

Boy did I feel like the dumb blonde. 😉

There’s someone from a local company on their way to look at it right. So, fingers crossed it won’t be too expensive.

In the meantime, I wanted to share two of our favorite links from this week:

– Our pup pal Jasmine from My Favorite Pup Jasmine, and her mom, were on national TV the other day. How fun, right?! It was on a show called “Right This Minute.” You can watch the clip over here on their blog.

– It’s a dreaded time we all don’t want to ever face with our pups — when you know their health is declining. Melissa Chapman over at Married My Sugar Daddy is going through this every thing, and shared a very touching post about it on her blog Friday.  Send her some happy thoughts.

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