It Was a Very Toby Thanksgiving


That sums up Toby’s day yesterday, and actually this morning. We went to see my Mom in the nursing home, where a) she was more happy to see him than me and b) every resident there asked us to stop so they could pet Toby. It was like walking down an L.A. street with Justin Bieber.

…And, that was just the start of his fabulous day. 

My Dad wouldn’t give Toby any of my Mom’s food, but he sure tried to get some.

Then, we went to my grandparents house where I never thought I would see Toby be allowed to ever do this:

I don’t normally cook for Toby, but I decided to try it this year and make him a special Thanksgiving treat — Turkey breast and veggies. It was so simple to whip up and Toby, as you can see loved it.

 I guess the tryptophan (or all the non-stop activity) got to Toby, because he quickly passed out in my arms when we all went back to my Dad’s for an after-dinner drink.

Some mornings I will give Toby a little egg, but today he again got a special treat. We were making pancakes, bacon and eggs, so I added a teeny tiny piece of bacon and pancake to his dish. Toby must have thought he hit the lottery, because he never gets the other two.

Hope you has as good of a Thanksgiving Toby did! Tell us about it in the comments below 🙂

9 thoughts on “It Was a Very Toby Thanksgiving

  1. Toby is one lucky doggie! Dakota only got one teeny-tiny piece of turkey tonight, poor Cody can't have any due to allergies (which are flaring up right now, he is on meds)

    I have to say that your Dad bears an uncanny resemblance to my Father who I miss dearly. It was great seeing your Dad!

    We had a great Thanksgiving. We watched the Lions lose lol, then on to my sister-in-law's for a delicious dinner!

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