“Miracle Dog” Stirs Adoption Interest, But What About the Others?

Many of you might be familiar with Daniel, a beagle mix dubbed the “Miracle Dog.” If you’re not, he’s the dog who survived an Alabama gas chamber early last month and was shipped up to New Jersey where those at the nonprofit Eleventh Hour Rescue are trying to find him a home.

Daniel has garnered international attention from the media, as well as the general public. His story has appeared on more websites and news stations than I can count. So, has the fact that hundreds of people want to adopt him.

“We have so many applications for adoption, we cannot keep up,” Jill Pavlik, a volunteer, with the group told Fox News Channel’s website. “We want a family that is willing to take care of him his whole life. He needs a lot of love and exercise … a soft place to put his head at night.”

This is not Daniel. This is Madonna, who is also up for adoption in New Jersey.

Hopefully, he finds a loving forever home where he can play, eat lots of treats and have the amazing life he deserves. After all, cheating death is no small feat.

Everyone loves a story like Daniel’s. From a media perspective, it hits on all the viewers’ emotions, plus, he’s an adorable dog so it makes a great image. From a psychological perspective, owning a dog that’s gotten all this attention can make one feel special and important — almost elite.

But, as hundreds of people jockey to become Daniel’s pet parents, I can’t help but think about all the other dogs that need forever homes, too, including the ones who died right in front of Daniel’s eyes.

I hope those who are not selected as Daniel’s forever home consider adopting one of the millions of dogs that are up for adoption, and may face the same fate that Daniel amazingly survived.

4 thoughts on ““Miracle Dog” Stirs Adoption Interest, But What About the Others?

  1. Yes, it always makes me a little nuts when people come out in droves to adopt a "celebrity" dog, when there are so many equally deserving pets in need of homes. Thanks for highlighting this.

  2. Well, I think it makes sense. People hear the story and it touches them. Maybe we should take a cue from that and make sure that dogs in need are more publicized.

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