Sam & Tasha Trunk Show ~ Pet Products, Clothing

The other night we attended a trunk show hosted by Sam & Tasha at the RS Pop Up Shop in Manhattan. The designer/owner Laura Kinsey is such a sweetheart! Her designs are inspired by the aesthetics of adult and children’s wear and wants to bring the same to pet clothing. 

Kinsey founded the Brooklyn-based company in 2009, and hand selects all of the fabrics, finishes and trims after she creates her design.

 Her designs immediately caught my eye, because, well, they looked “normal,” and practical. It was simple designs that you could actually use on your dog when they’re running through the snow or shivering because it’s so cold outside.

My favorite items were the leashes and collars. They come in fun designs that are especially great if you have a female dog. They were fun — designs that you would look for on a weekend bag to take shopping or a bracelet that you would want to wear yourself. Some of the pieces almost have a vintage appeal.

You can see more photos from the trunk show in our Facebook album.

2 thoughts on “Sam & Tasha Trunk Show ~ Pet Products, Clothing

  1. Wow! It amazes me all the things that are made for pets now. When I didn't have 3 kids to dress up, I would have loved dressing up my precious doggies! Now, the next dog I get will be a German Shepard so I know the selection will be limited. Looks like we are stuck with blinged out collars and fancy beds 🙂

  2. LOL! It is amazing how much has been designed for dogs now. Some iof it is cute, but some go overboard. I have never dressed my dog in clothes – maybe a pair of sunglasses and hat one time! LOL!

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