Holiday Gift Guide: Dear Santa, Love Toby

Dear Santa,

Despite anything Mom may have told you, I was a really good boy this year. I protected her, cuddled with her when she was sad and tried to only rip up things that belonged to me and not anyone else. OK, well, there was that incident with the blankets, but still — I was a good boy.

Here are some items I hope you consider putting under my tree this year. Last year, I waited up for you on Christmas Eve, but I fell asleep before you came.  

Maybe this year I’ll stay awake and get to see you. Meeting your reindeer would rock, too!

Thanks, Santa!

1. Anything KONG
If there is one toy in the world I knows the name of, it’s my Kong. I knows the difference between my “regular” KONG
and my KONG ball.

One year for Christmas, my aunt bought me a KONG Wubba and I carried it around from the moment I opened it until the next afternoon when they had to take it away because I chewed through it. I even took it outside with me when we went for my nightly walk, and took it to bed with me.

2. Freezy Pups Kit

Freezy Pups became a quick favorite of mine after Mom went to the Global Pet Expo. I ate the organic, frozen treats right out of the freezer, stuffed in my KONG and melted over my dry food. They were great during the summer when it was hot and I wasn’t eating, because instead of Mom just giving me an ice cube, which I loves to suck on, she gave me one of these because she knew I was getting some additional nutrition.

 3. Buckle-Down Dog Gear

Just because I’m little, it doesn’t mean I’m not tough. Buckle-Down dog collars and leashes show off my rough side with this rock-and-roll inspired collar, and leash to match.

4. Anything Fleece

I love Fleece blankets. It doesn’t matter the size, color or even how soft it is. It just has to be made of fleece and I am happy. I will gladly snuggle into any of them. Case in point …. see that blanket in the photo above? Mom won it at a holiday party last year. As soon as she took it out of the bag, I went nuts and didn’t rest until she opened it and let me lie on it.

5. Treats

Oh, Santa, I know you are usually the one who gets a treat when you come down our chimney, but I really love treats. Mom only usually gives me healthy ones, like the ones in the photos above. Plus, I’m also a big fan of ones from Pawjevity and Blue Dog Bakery. I would *love* to find some of those in my stocking this year. 🙂

6. Stay + Play Wireless Fence

We travel a lot, so putting an in-ground fence in would be silly since we are at a variety of different places, but with PetSafe’s Stay + Play Wireless Fence we would be able to take it with us. It would allow me to run free both at home in the Adirondacks and when I visit my Grandpa in New Jersey.

 7. Hartz Dura Play Ball

I know I have a lot of toys, but this blue Dura Play ball from Hartz
is one of the only ones I haven’t chewed through, and for me, that’s a big deal! I even have my original one I got last year around Christmas time, but you can never have enough toys!

5 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide: Dear Santa, Love Toby

  1. The Hartz Dura Play Ball, is the ONLY toy, My little Chihuahua (Billy) hasn't destroyed. It is beat up but still in one piece. What is it with these little guys ruining their toys?

    Toby is an excellent boy and deserved a bag for of goodies and treats!

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