Toby Goes Crazy for Hartz Pets’ Angry Birds Toys

If you’re looking for a toy for your pet that you’ll enjoy just as much as they will Hartz Pets’ new line of Angry Birds toys would be a good pick. I don’t think I stopped laughing for at least an hour.

When you review pet products teaching “leave it” is the single most important command.

Designed like your favorite characters from the game Angry Birds, these very realistic and plush toy will have your dog going crazy. Toby could not get enough of them. I really thought he was going to go after the Angry Birds Hard Head, but within seconds he snatched up the largest toy in the group — the Angry Birds Two Heads.

I wish I had grabbed my video camera. He ran around the house for a solid hour with this toy in his mouth — on the couch, off the couch, on the chair, off the chair, in the kitchen, in the living room, whipping his head back and forth slamming each side of the poor toy against the hardwood floor.

As you can tell he didn’t leave it alone long enough for me to take the tag off. 

Some of the toys have squeakers and others, like the Angry Birds Plus Balls make real Angry Birds sounds.

Hartz Pets not only sent Toby these toys to test out, but was nice enough to give us several others to share with two lucky readers!

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Good luck!

17 thoughts on “Toby Goes Crazy for Hartz Pets’ Angry Birds Toys

  1. We just recently gave our beagle to my parents, but she chews up everything known to man. My favorite thing was putting peanut butter or ice in a Kong and watching her go crazy! LOL!

  2. Billy's (my chihuahua) favorite current toy is a little soccer ball. He carries it around the house, we play fetch with it a million and one times a day and he brings it to bed. Soon it will be replaced by a "new" favorite toy. BTW… he also have a little stuff monkey that is missing the squeaker, an arm and a head… but he still carries it around sometimes cuddles with it (even though most of the stuffing is gone}

  3. Pepper loves her toys! she will bring one after the other until I throw one. She will also grab one and sqeak and sqeak and sqeak….. or shake it to "kill" it. She likes to drag toys as big as she is. She always wants the one in your hand.

  4. These pics are adorable! I'm a new follower! Our great dane likes to pick up her food, throw it, then pounce on it! No idea why! LOL. She and our two chihuahua's fight over toys… All of them! Then they hide them from each other!

  5. My daughter Brittany's yorkie's favorite toy is ANYTHING that squeaks or has any type of sound effects. He loves to try to take a squeak or noise making toy to bed and make it make noise nonstop literally while you are trying to go to sleep, its so funny at least for awhile.

    One night he kept my daughter awake for over an hour even WITHOUT the toy bc he was CONVINCED his favorite noisy toy was hiding under the blankets and kept whining and crying and DIGGGING in the blankets for it even though it was actually in another room. HAHAHA

    my email is manifestmiracles@live.com

    I'd love to win this toy for them, my daughter loves him so much even though he is obsessively noisy with his sqeeaky or noise making toys she loves for him to get them bc she loves HIM so much and knows how happy they make him : D

  6. My dog Toby loves her toys. She gets a toy every saturday from yard sales. She has quite the collection. Her favorite toy is a raccoon I got from Petsmart. Something funny she has done is put it in the waterbowl. She does that to hide it from the other cats and other dog.


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