Toby Plays Santa

Toby checked all the packages before I shipped them.

Packages, packages, packages!

If you were a recent My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much giveaway winner, keep an eye on your mail, because you’ll be getting your swag soon! We spend the morning filling packages and shipping lots of prizes out.

Toby spend much of the morning, {and still is} barking his little head off, because I have a crew here cutting down and trimming several dead trees. Every time a piece falls into the truck it makes a loud nose and the house feels like it shakes.

So, needless to say, Toby starts barking as soon as it happens. Oh, and forget it if I walk outside to go talk to the workers. I brought them coffee and you would have thought someone was trying to kill me the way he was barking.

He’s such a little protector!

It’s also why this post is really short — gotta get back outside and then in the kitchen to make a bunch of holiday treats — both human and dog.

Happy Saturday – enjoy this week’s pet bloggers hop below 🙂

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