Toby’s Yearly Check-Up

It was time for Toby’s yearly check-up today. This is usually the one vet visit that doesn’t freak me out, because we’re not going there with any specific problem. Everything was going going until … well, until, the vet walked in.

Waiting for Uncle Ira.

When he was a puppy going to the vet was fine, but these days he freaks out as soon as the vet goes to touch him. Toby shakes, pants and pretty much has an all-out anxiety attack.

The good news is that my vet has become accustomed to Toby’s behavior and doesn’t push him beyond a stress level he thinks Toby can handle. Today’s visit was supposed to include his shots, a blood test and nail clipping.

A vet tech had to hold Toby during the shots, but he did OK. He even stayed in her arms while Ira was drawing blood. Clipping his nails however, turned into a disaster.

My aunt and I used to do them all the time with no problem, but after Toby injured his leg the last time, he hates people fussing with his feet. So, as Ira grabbed his back paw to start on the nails, I was talking to Toby and petting him. As soon as Ira made the first clip, Toby yelped so loud you would have thought he was being beaten and was panting like he was stuck in a desert for days without water.  That’s when Ira killed the idea, because Toby was getting too stressed.

The good news is that Toby is still around the same weight — only gained a half-an-ounce — and is overall all pretty healthy as far as we know. We’re waiting for the routine blood test, heart worm and stool sample to come back, so we’ll know more then, but overall Ira said Toby is looking good.

I, however, needed an anti-anxiety pill when we were done, because I freaked out when Toby started freaking out. I worry his little heart will get overly stressed in situations like that. We actually talked about giving Toby a pill to calm him down before his next visit, but my vet shot down the idea at this point.

I also could have used a chill pill when I got the bill — $205. It made me curious — what does your pet’s early exam cost?

11 thoughts on “Toby’s Yearly Check-Up

  1. Recently I had to visit a vet who had never seen me or my dogs before. But Spike had real problems and I thought he might die. The vet kept him overnight, stitched up his "ying-yang," rehydrated him and started him on antibiotics that he took for 15 days along with heavy-duty painkillers. Amazingly, the entire bill was just under $400. Spike is a big dog who is almost 15 years old, so I considered it all a Christmas blessing!

  2. Our yearly visit comes to a little over $250. Pru's very good at the vet, but does have the anxiety and she can't wait to get out. When she was younger, we had to take her through the back door once! She plays "mule" and wouldn't budge from the parking lot.

  3. Skipper bill was with an exam, rabies shot, Distemper Parvo shot, heartworm test and meds and a nail trim was $215.00. The nail trims went from $10.00 to $14.00. I would take them somewhere else for a nail trim that is only $5.00 but Skipper gets so upset that I would rather pay more. Skipper has anxiety separation just getting his nail trimmed at the vet that I have to walk back with him. We need to see a female vet because he is scared to death of the male vet. Skipper was also a rescue and had a male as a first time owner, a family for a second..we are his 3rd owners. Schooner does not mind going to the vet…loves everybody. I am so glad that they have different appointments. Schooner is coming up in February.
    Sharon Gilbert

  4. to me that seems super high…can't remember what Dakota's cost, (I should check that) but for some reason that seems unusually high.

    I guess it depends on what part of the country you are in and what they had to do. It still seems high but I could be wrong

  5. Greta's vet charges $40 for an office visit, $38 for the shots, and $7 for a nail trim. If I bring her in for a nail trim without an official office visit, it's only $7 even though the vet sees her for a few minutes. I'm in Vegas and it seems super cheap, especially for Vegas, but her vet's office is great. There's just one vet she doesn't like ever since he went in for a urinalysis sample…

  6. Just read this post and it made me think that this is one area that the pet insurance is really lacking. They do not cover any preventative care like shots or annual check ups — don't even offer an option for a more expensive plan that covers this kind of stuff. While my dog insurance has been used a few times in Yogi's first year with an overprotective human and I would not cancel it; i do think this is a major shortcoming on the pet insurance plans.

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