Better, But Not Healed

So much for getting better at this!

Last night at about 7 p.m. I started to go into full freak-out mode about the leg Toby injured yesterday playing in the snow. His eyes looked “glassy” to me, he seemed kind of dazed and he would yelp when you tried to pick him up.

I immediately set up a crate with a plush dog bed covered in two fleece blankets and put him in there so he couldn’t run around and would just rest. 

He curled right in, and didn’t put up any fuss, which for Toby is odd. I mean he loves his crate, but just for traveling. If someone is home, he usually wants to be in their lap.

As the night went on, he seemed to get worse — no interest in eating, coming out of his create or drinking any water. At one point, I did consider taking him to the emergency vet, but last time he did this and we went, it was a stressful disaster for both him and me. Plus, as my aunt pointed out in a blog comment yesterday, we know he has knee issues and this is can happened when he over does it.

Around midnight, I finally got him to eat a few Blue Dog Bakery treats, and lick some water off my fingers. I set up camp on the couch in the living with him next to me in his crate. Normally, Toby would be whining to come up on the couch and sleep next to me.

Not a peep.

This had me worried. But, at 4 a.m. I was finally exhausted enough to fall asleep.

I woke up this morning to a much happier looking Toby face, who was holding his ears straight up instead of pulled completely back like they were yesterday. He hobbled out of his crate when I asked if he had to go out, and after carrying him down the stairs, he immediately did his business without yelping and while putting pressure on his back right leg.

He headed straight for his food when we came him and devoured it. Toby even let hold him, and rested his right side against my chest — something he couldn’t do last night. I put him down after a little while and he went right into his crate and curled back in.

He got up in his crate and begged for some egg at breakfast time and has been barking at noises throughout the day, but has opted to stay in his crate, even when I left the door open. He’s been sleeping most of the day, but seems like he’s doing better than he was.

I’m going to keep him on crate rest for another few days and see how he does. Unfortunately, I’m working some ridiculous hours this week, but thank goodness my Dad is around to keep an eye on Toby make sure he’s going OK.

15 thoughts on “Better, But Not Healed

  1. Hey Michelle.

    I'm glad Toby is better. It drives us owners crazy not knowing what to do when our pets go limp or depressed like- especially since they don't talk about what they feel.

    I think he'll be back to his old self in no time.

    Huggies and Cheese,


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