Nevada May Ban “Street Pets” From Las Vegas Strip

You might remember my article about what I called “street pets” a few months back. It’s one of those issues that really upsets me, and leaves me torn because there are so many various sides and reasons for it. But now, Nevada might be taking up the cause, too — and banning them from the famous Las Vegas Strip.

The new measure being considered by a committee tasked to look at problems on the strip, may ban animals from the street that are not vaccinated and neutered or spayed, according to the Las Vegas Sun.  Animals with guests at animal-friendly resorts or residents of the Strip are exempt.

Sparked by a California man who was recently bit by a dog on the Las Vegas Strip, the Sun reports that the committee wants to move fast on this proposal which would ban panhandlers from taking their pets on the Strip.

While I understand the safety issue at hand, just banning them worries me, too, and raises some questions that make me fear for the animal’s well-being, like, where will the dogs go when the panhandlers hit the Strip?

I would encourage the committee to look at the root of the problem and not just pass a short-term solution to appease the tourism community. How about offering free vaccines for these pets? Or, free obedience training?

All they are doing is moving the potential danger off the Strip. It doesn’t matter if it’s a tourist on the Strip or a child around the corner who walks up to the dog because it’s cute — it’s still a problem.

5 thoughts on “Nevada May Ban “Street Pets” From Las Vegas Strip

  1. They're seriously taking this vaccination and SPAYED AND NEUTERED thing dead serious. I would understand the vaccination part. But to require owners to have their pets spayed and neutered just to go out for a walk is a little too much, don't you think?

    Still, free vaccination is a great idea!

    Nice meeting you.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  2. I completely agree with your concerns–This doesn't solve the problem. I also worry about what certain panhandlers might do with their pets when they can no longer bring them–Will the keep them, or do something else? This would be a great opportunity for the city to work to find these pets better homes, or as you said, to offer vaccination and training. I hope that they consider a way to work on this legislation so that it works for the good of the dogs and not just for the good of the tourists.

  3. This is so frustrating, because banning pets from the strip doesn't solve the problem! I don't live in Nevada, but I would totally be up for paying extra taxes to give free vaccines and spray/neuter for these pets. It's a devastating issue and as you say, there are many sides to look at here. On another note, for many homeless people their pets are their only friends. What are they supposed to do? Argh! I followed you here from the Weekend Gathering Hops and so glad I did! You have a new follower. xx

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