Romney on Traveling With His Dog on the Roof

As a journalist and dog lover, I’m very happy to see a mainstream media out like Fox News, ask Republican presidential candidate hopeful Mitt Romney about the controversial way he transported a dog.

Forget his politics, what do you think about the way he carried his dog?

8 thoughts on “Romney on Traveling With His Dog on the Roof

  1. So, Seamus told Mitt he 'enjoyed' the ride? This is stupid. I have nothing else to say. It's stupid. And dangerous and I could say so much more. Makes me even more convinced Mitt Romney is NOT someone I would ever vote for – for any office.

  2. Airtight container on the roof? How did the dog breathe? The dog enjoyed it? How could an animal enjoy getting sick? This is very scary and just creepy. Romney's the best the GOP can come up with?

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