Saturday Snuggles

We’re so excited to be hosting Jen, and her dog Jenks, of Brown Dog Designs at our house this weekend! I met Jen and Jenks at BlogPaws in Denver, and then met up again with Jen at BlogPaws in Virginia last year. They recently moved much closer to us and we can’t wait to see them today!

It will also be the first time another dog is staying in the house with Toby, so this, should be interesting. I’m sure we’ll have a fun blog post tomorrow or Monday about it.

In the meantime, all Toby wanted to do was snuggle this morning. He’s feeling a while lot better, even though he can’t put his full weight on the leg.

Gosh, I just love him!

10 thoughts on “Saturday Snuggles

  1. Oh he is a cutie! So glad he's feeling better. I hope his not quite himself-yet-ness doesn't complicate things with your weekend guests. (The idea of having another dog in Bella's house is so incomprehensible to us now, I always wonder how it goes with other dogs.)

  2. Awww Toby. That's okay! You're such a darling.

    We have our paws crossed so you get all better. Can't wait to read about this new dog adventures with another pal.

    Huggies and Cheese,


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