A Snowy Limp

Toby loves to play in the snow, and today was no different. Even when he woke me up at 5:40 a.m. this morning to go out, he couldn’t wait to romp around in the fluffy, white powder. I let him play for a few minutes, but then we went back inside to catch a little more sleep.

We went out two more times for him to “go” until I finally got myself out of bed to fully help my Dad clean everything and not just sweep away a little area for Toby to do his business. Once we had everything cleaned up, I took Toby outside so he could play for a little bit. He even wore a sweater!

I threw the toy his Aunt Irene got him for Christmas several times.

I left his leash on, because he can’t run as fast with it and there were neighbors outside, so had he tried to bolt away from the back yard, it would be easier to grab him with the leash.

But after the third throw, Toby started limping, and holding up his rear right leg — the same leg he hurt a while back. He let me check it for ice, and there was nothing in it. All that powdery snow had a thin coating of ice on it and my guess is Toby may have stepped the wrong way.

I threw the toy one more time. Toby looked at it, turned the other way and hobbled right over to the stairs to go inside.

I scooped him up, brought him in, took off his sweater and leash, but he was still limping. Normally, I would have started freaking out at this point, but we’ve been through this so many times before, I’m scarily getting better at this.

Toby’s now parked on the couch snuggled under two blankets, warm and relaxed. I went to take him out before and he’s still limping, so I carried him up and down the stairs, but not before making him pose for a fun photo outside that I’ll post later.

Silly puppy. We’ll see how he is the rest of the day. For now though, I think he just over did it. 

11 thoughts on “A Snowy Limp

  1. I am so proud of you, Toby mom, you ARE getting better at this. My guess is he aggravated the original issue and that may happen from time to time. I think that is what I remember Chrissy telling you. Yes? Let him rest for a few days and take it easy and I am guessing he will be back to normal.

  2. Fred pulled a muscle in his leg last year and it seems to come back every now and then. Usually a couple of days rest and he's better. It sounds like the same thing is happening with Toby. Hopefully a couple days rest and he will be better! I love the pictures of him in the snow with his sweater!

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