“Every Dog, Dog Show”: Help Pedigree Feed Homeless Pets

Many of you have likely read the New York Times story about how the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show parted ways with longtime sponsor Pedigree, reportedly in part because of the dog food company’s commercials featuring sad-looking mixed breeds up for adoption.

Toby snuggles under my Pedigree Adoption Drive scarf.

The yearly dog show was typically when Pedigree launched their new Adoption Drive campaigns, and just because they’re banned from advertising at this year’s show, it’s not stopping the company from continuing their efforts, which up to now, has raised more than $7 million for the cause.

From now until Feb. 14 at 11 p.m. Pedigree is holding their very own “Every Dog, Dog Show,” that celebrates both purebred and mixed breed dogs.

For every person who uploads a photo of their four-legged friend or tells them their dog’s story on Pedigree’s Facebook page, they will donate a bowl of food, up to 500,000 bowls.

It’s a simple way to help Pedigree spread the word about dogs who are in need of a home, as well help feed those pups.

7 thoughts on ““Every Dog, Dog Show”: Help Pedigree Feed Homeless Pets

  1. I was disappointed, too. And, was very happy when I heard that Pedigree was doing this "Every Dog, Dog Show." I hope everyone takes the time to participate, because it shows support for *every* dog, whether they're a purebred who comes from a family of champions or a mutt who was found wandering the streets — they both deserve the best.

  2. shame on the Westminster Dog Show people for dropping Pedigree as a show sponsor. Those stuffed shirts at Westminster should be doing ALL THEY CAN to help all of the dogs trapped in this country's Animal Shelters find a loving home.
    Yes, it's nice to have a purebred dog. BUT IT IS WAY MORE AWESOME TO SAVE A LIFE facing a death sentence at your local KILL animal shelter.

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