UPDATED: NYC Allows Sardi’s to Serve Westminster’s Top Dog Next Year

Dogs compete at Westminster.

UPDATED {8:22 p.m}: NYC will grant a one-day waiver to Sardi’s so they can serve  next year’s champion, according to the Associated Press

 New York City has put a stop to the traditional celebratory meal at the famous Sardi’s restaurant for Westminster’s Best in Show winner, according to the local NBC affiliate.

“We can’t just roll over for the champ,” John Kelly, a City Health Department spokesman, told the New York Post explaining Westminster winners and owners have to follow the same rules as other patrons.

Malachy, who was crowned this year’s top dog, was served in a
second-floor private room — completely away from guests.

Although the restaurant owners reportedly argued this point, the health department wouldn’t budge.

One thought on “UPDATED: NYC Allows Sardi’s to Serve Westminster’s Top Dog Next Year

  1. Looks like the city reversed their position quickly and Westminster winners will still be allowed to dine there thanks to a special waiver! The health department must have gotten a little ahead of themselves (and the Mayor) by pouncing on this tradition!

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