Sleeping With One Eye Open …

I love this photo of Toby my friend  Vikki just snapped of him in my bed, because it captures him perfectly when it comes to sleep. When Toby is ready for bed, that’s it. He wants his bed {well, my bed} at that minute and will do whatever it takes to get it.

And, as you can see, when someone is disturbing him,  he’s not a happy camper.

What’s your dog’s nighttime habits?

10 thoughts on “Sleeping With One Eye Open …

  1. Hey, it's Jet here. JJ and I like to watch our Feline brother Fluffy drink water from Mom's bathroom sink while she "washes up" before bed. Sometimes Mom brushes us while we wait, too.

    Then, we cuddle with Mom in bed while she reads.

  2. Whem I am ready for bed I can get very grouchy and usually there is nothing that will stop that but sleep itself! Mom says I sleep like the dead…once my peepers are closed I am out for the count!


  3. Hi there! Happy to meet you on the Saturday Blog Hop! Looking forward to keeping up with you (or my Mommy is:). We (Mommy and I) are one of the BlogPaws Newsletter editors.

  4. Both of my dogs snooze nearby after dark, until they see me preparing for bedtime. Oliver then gets very excited to go "nite-nite" (his command for go to your crate). He may as well be running an agility course on his way there; he bolts to the crate like a lighting flash and waits in a perky position for his reward treat. Ya gotta love routine!

  5. When it's bedtime, the boys jump up (or climb the stairs, rather) on the bed and snuggle under the covers in my spot. They get comfy while I get ready for bed, and then I have to make them move when I want to lie down.

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