Did This Cute Face Really Do That?

Look at this adorable face … 

Do you think he could have done this?

Everyone laughs at me when I tell them that Toby chews everything — including every bed I have ever given him. This time, he’s actually made about five holes almost perfectly spaced out around the bed. I even wrote about this earlier last month, because he had done the same thing, but now it’s become an almost nightly occurrence while I’m eating dinner.

When he’s not getting the attention he wants, he starts pulling out the bed’s stuffing. The good part is that he’s stopped eating the stuffing, he just likes to shred it. The bad part is that he gets it not only all over his crate, but all over the floor, as you can see in the video.

The other night, he pulled out enough stuffing to fill a plastic shopping bag! And, there’s still more in the bed. 

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