My Tail, Has a Tail

As my Dad just reminded me, “well, this is what you wanted.”

Yup, I did want a dog who loved to cuddle, enjoyed being held, was pretty easy going and was very adaptable. But, lately, Toby is taking the being held part to a totally new level.

As soon as I sit down at the table, he whines, begs and barks until I pick him up. He’s not happy until he is sitting with me. Even when I was sitting my my bed the other night, unable to sleep and finishing up a post on The Adirondack Chick, he had to be in my lap between me and my computer.

This morning, as I sat down to write this post, Toby started his begging and barking. I gave in and picked him up. Sure enough — he stopped barking, got himself comfortable and was set.

I worry that there is something wrong with him — he’s not feeling well, or whatever, but two months ago he got all kinds of blood work and such as part of his yearly exam, and everything was fine.

Maybe it’s separation anxiety, but nothing crazy has been going on that would cause it. My Dad’s theory is that he knows I’m been really stressed and since he plays off my emotions a lot, he just wants to be there.

I’m not sure if I will ever know exactly why he’s acting so clingy, and I guess in reality, it’s not all so bad. I mean, does it make eating dinner, writing and cooking difficult? Yeah. But, look at that face! It’s hard to resist not picking him up and snuggling him! 🙂 

Is your dog clingy, or do they like their own space?

6 thoughts on “My Tail, Has a Tail

  1. Must be something in the air. Billy has been extra clingy the past few days. He begs me to hold him all the time. I had to unload the dishwasher one handed yesterday because he kept begging to be held! Last night he slept on my chest/torso for an hour, would have been longer but I was not very comfortable.

  2. OMD, bailey is the same way. you will never see me sitting alone. she's ALWAYS on my lap. i call her my velcro dog. she was found as a stray so maybe that has something to do with it. wandering the streets all alone in this big world. poor little thing. she's on my lap right now, as a matter of fact 🙂

  3. You might want to consider a trainer. He or she could help you find balance.

    I was told that when I gave into the whining and such I was reinforcing the behavior. Wasn't what I wanted to hear, but I found out it was right.

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