Pamper Your Pet With Royal Canin’s Doggy Day Spa Gift Packs

We all love a day at the spa, right? Pampering, relaxing and just enjoying all the attention we’re getting. So, why shouldn’t our furry friend be treated to the same experience?

The answer is likely the same reason we don’t get to go to the spa as much as we would like — it can get costly. But, Royal Canin has designed a special gift pack that brings the spa experience to your pet, and for a lot less money.

And, what’s even more awesome? They are giving away their spa gift pack to two My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much readers!

Each Doggy Day Spa package is valued around $60 and contains everything your pup needs to feel pampered:

  • A 2.5 lb bag of Royal Canin X-SMALL dog food
  • Earth Bath natural grooming wipes
  • Zwipes Microfiber Small Pet Towels (pack of 5)
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste combo pack
  • Fresh ‘n Clean oatmeal and baking soda shampoo
  • Li’l Pals grooming brush
  • Li’l Pals nail trimmer
  • Grooming lead
Included in the basket is a bag of Royal Canin’s new X-SMALL dog food formulated specifically for extra-small dogs weighing less than 8 pounds.  The
new line includes four formulas – PUPPY, ADULT, MATURE +8 and AGING +12 – that
cater to the unique physiological traits inherent in the tiniest of dog breeds.

In addition to the two baskets Royal Canin is giving away on our website, they are also hosting a sweepstakes that will award one lucky person free dog food and grooming for life, along with an accessory shopping spree to pamper their extra small dog. That contest runs until June 1, and the details can be found on Royal Canin’s sweepstakes’ website.

Now, for the fun part —

Here are the giveaway details! 

Because of shipping, only those in the continental U.S. are eligible to win.


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25 thoughts on “Pamper Your Pet With Royal Canin’s Doggy Day Spa Gift Packs

  1. It probably sounds silly but we like to give our dog a bubble bath. He's such a silly little guy and seems to like all the bubbles (and I love how he smells).

    foodfamilyfinds at gmail dot com

  2. Well, this could take all day. I pamper my pets in soooo many ways. I have 2 dogs,5cats and 2 sugar gliders. They all get to eat around the clock. My 2 doggies are hand fed 2 times a day. I buy them treats every time I shop. They both get luxerious bubble bath soaks in pear and lavender scented baths. The cats get daily massages from me. The list goes on and on and on.What can I say, I love my babies!!


  3. I let my girl know how much i appreciate her and I acknowledge how important she is to me. She is my Service Dog, and gets so much public attention, mostly blessings and well wishes. I feed her well, always check in to see how she is doing while we are working, give her plenty off "off duty" time..She is loved, and most importantly trained very well, so she rarely gets corrected for anything.

  4. He gets pampered by getting doggie treats (Quackers) and coming to work with me daily and sleeping in my bed. He is not a big fan of baths.

  5. We take them to the groomer for a spa day. We also brush their teeth each week. They have more than one dog bed and they get to go to the pet events in our area.

  6. i always look for toys , treats and bones when i go shopping … 2 dogs – 4 beds and they have more toys than me lol 🙂

    miketx60 atmail .com

  7. Billy gets a daily puppy massage from me of course. I am always looking and purchasing new toys for him. He eats holistic dog food. He sleeps in the bed with us, despite having two crates of his own. Anywhere we can take a pet he goes!

  8. my little min- pin is spoiled rotten lol 🙂 walks,swimming at the lake ,weekly visit to the pet store , treats , snuggling just to name a few …

    cdm65 atcoxdot net

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