Toby Obsesses Over Paragon Cross-Bone

Most of the time Toby stays out of my bags when I tell him to, but ever since I opened my suitcase yesterday afternoon after getting back from the Global Pet Expo, he has been determined to stick his nose in it and search. 

I yelled at him, but he stuck his nose back in. He was determined. Very determined. Finally, he gave up and went back into the living room with me. Several hours later while we were eating dinner, I looked around for Toby and didn’t see him. Called his name a few times and nothing.

Then it clicked and I went looking for him:

Yup, Toby had gone in my bedroom and into a bag from Global and stole the Paragon Chews the company generously gave us to try out. I guess he sure did like it since he refused to open his mouth and give it to me — even after numerous attempts to take it from him.

Since there were two in the bag, I would say his favorite was Paragon’s Protein Cross-Bone with chlorophyll and clove extract. In fact, when I was getting my bags together this morning, he was looking for more.

Ironically, Paragon received a BlogPaws Best Award during the Global Pet Expo — it was Felissa from Two Little Cavaliers pick for favorite product. The chews are starch-based, making them good for pets with allergies.

Here is the company receiving their award:

And, here is the company accepting their award:

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