Vitality Jerky Bars Provide Flavor & Antioxidants

Before I tell you about how Toby devoured almost the whole bag, I have to apologize to the fine folks from DOGSWELL, the maker of these Vitality Jerky Bars for not reviewing them sooner.

Although they sent them to us in the Fall, they kept getting pushed to the side and well, Toby just tried them today when he was begging for a taste of my gluten-free cracker and I looked over and saw these.

It was worth the wait, at least for Toby. After I gave him one, I couldn’t even touch the bag without him jumping up from a sound sleep on the bed next to my desk. I think he liked them.

We were sent a sample of their Beef & Veggie ones to try, and I have to say it’s pretty nice that their first ingredient is beef. They’re also grain free, no corn, no wheat, no soy, no gluten — and are made with omega fatty acids.  Plus, DOGSWELL uses no byproducts, artificial colors, preservatives or preservatives in these treats.

Surprisingly, it took Toby a few minutes to chew these treats, which is really good because usually he plows right through a treat and is immediately looking for more. Don’t get me wrong, he was looking for more, but it just took him a little longer than normal.

The only problem?

I couldn’t get him to stay still enough for me to grab a quick photo!

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