20 Dogs Rescued From Burning New Jersey Home

New Jersey firefighters rescued 20 dogs from a burning home last night, using the inside of a fireman’s hat to carry out some of the tiniest survivors, WPVI-TV reported.

“One turned into five, turned into 20 and the more dogs they brought out
we just kept hooking them up to the oxygen, bringing them back to life
and putting them in the cage,” Chris Laird of the Lawrence Road
Fire Company told the station.

The pet oxygen masks they used to treat the dogs, were recently donated to the fire company by the Humane Society, and can be used on dogs, cats and guinea pigs.

Local animal control officials are looking into why there were so many animals in the home.

One thought on “20 Dogs Rescued From Burning New Jersey Home

  1. These firefighters – heroes all.

    There are questions here, though, that need to be answered. 20 dogs in one home? 2 week old puppies? What is going on in this house?

    Thanks for sharing this.

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