Beach Friends

You know how most people swarm a new baby? Well, I do that with puppies. Come to think of it, I do that with all dogs.

If we’re walking and there is a dog, I have to stop and see it. It’s a little more appropriate when I have Toby with me, but even when he has no interest in playing with the dog — which does happen a decent amount — I still have to stop and say how cute it is.

Luckily, yesterday when we saw this cute black lab on the beach in Lake George, he also couldn’t get enough of her. They were so absolutely adorable together! I was snapping away, and her owner was taking some video.

I mean, seriously — how totally adorable is she?!!

She and Toby were bouncing around, and chasing each other on the beach for a good 20 minutes.

 They were having such a good time.

We also met a ton of other doggies today at the Hadley Maple Festival and just walking through the village, including this adorable 6-year-old Chi.

There were even some um, other … bigger, friends Toby got to meet, too!

We updated our Animals We’ve Met Facebook album with more photos of furry friends we met yesterday, so check that out for more fun pet photos.

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