Hot, Grassy Sunday

It was hot, but it was also really nice out here yesterday, so I took Toby out to play with his new found toys. He had so much fun running and playing — something he really hasn’t been able to do the past few months because of his leg.

 I like to bring out his Hartz Dura Ball when we’re playing in the yard, because it’s easy to wash off it gets dirty, he can’t stick part of his snout in it creating a danger if he runs into something or roll around too much, and it squeaks.

Why is squeaking important to me when we’re outside? Although Toby is usually pretty good  these days about not seeing something and just taking off after it, I still don’t trust him 100 percent. But, when he hears that squeak, it immediately gets his attention — no matter what else he is doing.

{ Not sure why this photo came washed out, but I still like it anyway 🙂 }

Unfortunately, Toby is a “play hard” kinda dog, so he overdid it a little yesterday, and is favoring his back leg again a little.

7 thoughts on “Hot, Grassy Sunday

  1. Looks like he had a lot of fun!

    I've looked at the Hartz duraballs, but unfortunately, they're not built for a dog of Elka's size.

  2. Well it looks like Toby had a hoot! I just love that last picture of him. I'm sure once he rests his leg again it will be fine. Fred doesn't know how to slow down either and every once in awhile will pull his bag leg again too!

  3. Toby I have that toy too..isn't it the best!! Is your mom going to let you come to blogpaws? If so we will have to hang out at doggie day care together!

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