Hug Your Dog Day Hosted by Beneful Baked Delights

Beneful Baked Delights is inviting dog owners to participate in a virtual hug fest called Hug Your Dog Day, Tues. April 10, which is designed to celebrate the human-dog bond, and the launch of their new dog snack line

kick-off the day’s celebration, dog lover and Emmy
Award-winning actor on the hit TV show “Modern Family,” Eric Stonestreet, and his
12-year-old rescue dog Coleman Hawkins, will be sharing the first official
hug in a fun video featured on Beneful’s Facebook page

There are a number of ways you can  participate in tomorrow’s event! 

You can upload a photo of you hugging your dog to the Beneful
Facebook page, tweet the photo or post an
Instagram photo with a caption that includes the hashtag #hugyourdog.  A Hug-o-Meter on Facebook will track the
total number of “hugs” received throughout the day. 

Plus, coupons for their new Beneful Baked Delights dog will be available to the first 12,000 people to post a “hug” photo, Facebook
status update or tweet using the Beneful Hug Your Dog Day Facebook
application on April 10. An additional batch of 63,000 coupons will be
made available once 25,000 cumulative ‘hugs’ from around the Web,
including special location check-ins and tagged Instagram photos, has
been met.
 Time to get hugging! 

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