If These Paws Could Talk

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14 thoughts on “If These Paws Could Talk

  1. So, I'm actually thinking of getting a paw print tattoo. But, instead of a generic one, I would really like it to be Toby's actual paw print. Do you thing they can do that? It also has to be on the tiny side.

    1. Tattoo artists have become more and more skilled over the years, so I would think so. I would stamp his paw on a paper several times to get several different copies of it, then find a tattoo artist that has a really great portfolio involving detailed work. Make sure he/she has a nice sketch for it as well.

  2. Two cats and a dog here – lots of stories to tell!
    Sometimes their paws are just as expressive as our hands!
    Have a great Wordless Wednesday!
    Lea's Menagerie

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