My Dog and My Mom

Some of you may know that my Mom is in a nursing home. He has been for a number years now, and my Dad, goes to visit her almost everyday and usually takes someone with him — Toby.

Although he’s not a certified therapy dog, he is better medicine than anything the doctors could give her. She loves seeing him, and trust me, he loves going.

The phot below is of the two of them on Easter.

I’m thinking of taking Toby to the classes to become a certified therapy dog, but since he’s a puppy school drop out, I’m a little worried about how he will do.

Anyone have experience in this area, and could offer some tips?

5 thoughts on “My Dog and My Mom

  1. I love the smile on your mom's face – seeing Toby clearly makes her happy. If Toby could do that for other people, it would be worth trying the training. I say, go for it!

  2. Toby I'm studying to be a therapy dog as well..we could study together! The first thing is you need to be able to pass the AKC good citizen test. But don't worry it isn't to hard for a smart dog like you!

  3. I agree with Amy!! Seeing how apply Toby makes your mom …. I'm sure he would make others happy. My dad is in an assisted living facility and he lives when the therapy dog comes to visit!! Go for it!

  4. Skye & I have been a registered therapy team for 8 years. Get your CGC. Know basic commands. That's your start. Would love to help. Give me a shout out. @skye613

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