New Dog Treats From Blue Dog Bakery

One of Toby’s favorite treat companies, Blue Dog Bakery, introduced two new dog treats at the Global Pet Expo last month, and they’re giving one lucky My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much reader the chance to win a bag of each!

Rounding out their already low-fat, all natural dog treats, are the new Perfect Trainers and Bakery Bones.

The Perfect Trainers are soft, bite-sized treats that are idea for using as rewards when training your dog  during obedience class or teaching them a new trick. They’re also corn, wheat and soy free.  

Bakery Bones, are an all natural long-lasting chew treat for your dog. They’re also corn, wheat and soy free.

We talked with Blue Dog Bakery at the Global Pet Expo to learn more about these cool new treats.

Toby tested out the Bakery Bones, and couldn’t wait to get his paws on them!

Here are the giveaway details!

Because of shipping, only those in the continental U.S. are eligible to win. 


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13 thoughts on “New Dog Treats From Blue Dog Bakery

  1. my dogs just always want treats! they dont do anything special but when you move towards the fridge they think youre going that way to go to their cupboard & start jumping all over!

  2. I have 4 babies and my babies r always looking for a new treat to try. We r keeping our paws crossed in hopes of winning.

  3. YoYo stares at me with excitement and his little tail is going 500 miles/Hour … hard to say no LOL 🙂

    cdm65 atmail dotcom

  4. My girl Sadie follows me around the kitchen, and whimpers to make sure I know she is right by me, and then she sits or lays down, hoping that will be the key to getting a treat!

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