Toys, Toys, Toys!

I was out most of yesterday running errands, and celebrating my Uncle’s birthday. So, whenever Toby is left along for long periods of time, he becomes clingier than normal and does everything in his power to get more attention.

One of those attention tricks is to make me hand feed him, and since lately he seems to not want to eat in general, he knows I’ll take advantage of it when he’s willing to eat out of my hand.

While laying belly-down on the hardwood floor while Toby ate his food out of my cupped hands, I noticed something under the stereo unit. Actually, three things — Toby’s Kong, Dura Play Ball and Planet Dog’s Snowball. These are the only three toys to regularly survive his ability to destroy every toy within seconds. {and even the Kong has pieces chewed off …}

After Toby finally finished his dinner, I reached under and grabbed all three toys. Toby was literally bouncing around the living room. Since he had just ate, I was worried about him getting a little too excited, but he was just too happy not let him play — as you can see. 🙂

What’s your pet’s favorite toy?

2 thoughts on “Toys, Toys, Toys!

  1. Elka's absolute favorite toy is Gumby. We're on the fourth one by now; the arms do come off, after awhile, and with lots and lots of vigorous chewing, the rubber kind of pebbles off, but overall, surprisingly durable.

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