Tips for a Pet Safe Memorial Day Weekend

Are we ready to leave yet, Mom?!

Whether you’re hitting the road, flying the friendly sky or relaxing in the backyard, we’ve got a few tips to make sure your pet stays safe this Memorial Day weekend.

Pack a Bag

You have a suitcase, so why shouldn’t your dog?

Gather all your pet’s paper work — like copies of their vaccines — food, medicines, poop bags, treats, toys, extra leash and anything else you may need and put it all in one bag.

It’s much easier when everything is organized in one place than having all your pets stuff in various locations.

Get Mobile

If you’re like us and travel a lot, there is always a fear that your pet might need veterinary care, but finding it when you’re in a strange place can be difficult, right? Well, there’s an app for that.

Dowload Iams Vet 24/7 to your mobile phone, and you will have local veterinary information at your fingertips. The app, provides pet owners with immediate access to local animal hospitals and veterinary clinics.

Practice Water Safety

Who doesn’t love to spend a beautiful sunny day out on the water? And, bringing you pup along with you makes it all the more enjoyable.

Be sure to fit your dog with a good life vest, and make sure they are wearing it. Most dog are naturally good swimmers, but others — like Toby — are not.

Keep Them on a Short Leash

Toby is usually pretty good when it comes to strangers. In fact, as soon as we hit a spot where there are crowds of people, even if it’s just at a rest stop, he prances around like he’s in the ring at Westminster.

It’s very funny to watch, because he loves attention so much. The more people who come up to him and say hi, the faster his tail wags.

That said, make sure your pup doesn’t overstep any boundaries, because when they do, it gives all pet owners a bad rap. At rest areas, make sure your dog is doing their business in the designated area, don’t let them run up to random people and if it says no pets allowed respect the rule even though you might not like it.  {In some cases, places do make exceptions, so if you think your dog should be allowed just ask}

Know When to Call It Quits

Just like we get tired, so does your dog, and depending on how much regular activity they get during the week, pushing it to the limit on the weekend can take a toll on your furry friend. When you see your pup getting tired or dragging behind a little, take a moment to rest or modify your plans.

Look for signs like excessive panting or unwillingness to walk as a clue your pet needs a break.

3 thoughts on “Tips for a Pet Safe Memorial Day Weekend

  1. G+ and Tweeted! Sooo very important. Our dog goes with us wherever we go (as long as there is a shade tree or it's real early in the morning). On vacation she has a huge travel bag and a blanket. Her bag holds all her food, supplements, bones, toys and bowls. The comforter that she loves comes with us too. I'll be writing about our vacation that we just came home from very soon! She had a great time!

  2. My human moans the bags are heavy in winter, coats , towels etc etc and summer comes and it's water more water and more water. Huhh at least I don't have to carry me stuff!
    Best wishes Moly

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